The first time sex – that’s what science says

Sex for the first time is a big event in the life of every human being, wrapped up in myths. And yet it is only sexual intercourse. Nevertheless: One hears horror stories, but also dripping stories of rose petals and tea lights, one learns of pain and blood, but now and then it simply says “horny, horny, horny”. The first time was of course already scientifically examined.

And although you quickly find out that the entry into life with penetration is not such a big thing, here we just shoot you with facts about that first time sex.

The first time

A study on youth sexuality conducted by the Federal Centre for Health Education in 2012 states that today about 66 percent of 18-year-olds have already had sex.

For boys of the same age, the average is 5 to 10 percent lower, so they tend to start a little later. Incidentally, the age at first has changed only slightly in the past ten years, so the Internet with almost freely accessible pornography does not have too great an influence on real life after all.

However, if one compares the 1950s with the 1950s, there is already an opening towards earlier entry into physical love life: Of women born before 1950, less than 20 percent had their first sex before the age of 18. Women born after 1954 already had 60 percent of their sex before reaching the age of majority.

Contraception for the first time

The myth that you don’t have to use contraception during your first sexual intercourse is wrong. Whether the girl or woman can become pregnant depends on whether she has already had her first period. In addition, a condom offers protection against venereal diseases.

When it comes to contraception, about 88 percent are smart enough to play it safe during their first sex. Unfortunately, 12 percent do not use condoms or pills at an age when the cycle often goes crazy and sexually transmitted diseases are still an issue.

How does the first time shape you?

Many adolescents are afraid of the first time, boys are afraid, for example, of coming too quickly. Girls are often afraid that the first sex might become painful. But it’s always different, some can enjoy it very much for the first time.

  • A study conducted by the University of Tennessee in 2013, in which 331 young men and women were interviewed, examined the influence of the first time on the subjects’ love and sex life.
  • They found that those who felt respected and loved the first time also found later relationships and sexual encounters emotionally satisfying.
  • However, this study was not able to prove whether a good first time was an indication of a generally good sex life.

Fear of the first time

Stay relaxed: To be excited and nervous before the first time, even to be afraid, is completely normal! Many girls are afraid of pain when the penis penetrates the vagina and tears the hymen. Apart from a short pull or burning sensation there is usually nothing to feel! It is best to be loose and relaxed, as this will keep the vagina sufficiently moist. If the man of trust carefully inserts his penis, it is not painful. If you are very insecure, you can also use a lubricant!

Bleeding the first time?

Many of you will know from your own experience that the hymen does not necessarily tear during first sexual intercourse, but is torn long before. Or it is mega-elastic and does not tear at all in spite of a busy sex life – so don’t bleed either. The hymen may have been injured during gymnastics or even with a tampon, but the girl is still a virgin in the classical sense.

Conclusion: She doesn’t always bleed the first time at all. It even bleeds quite rarely, only in 50 to 25 percent of cases, experts estimate. This blood-stained sheet after the wedding night, the idea that the man has to break through a kind of barrier is nonsense! Every halfway enlightened person should know this – and should not expect any marvels of female anatomy. It is bad enough that gynaecologists have to offer a hymen reconstruction to confirm fanatical men in their disturbed expectations.