Why Teens Love These 5 Sex Positions

You don’t have much experience in bed yet? That is not bad, because all beginning is difficult. We will show you the best sex positions for beginners. The classical sex positions are best suited for the beginning. But you are also welcome to experiment! Sex positions for beginners do not have to be boring. Have the courage! We show you the best sex positions for beginners.

1. Sex position teens love: missionary position

This sex position for beginners is a classic. You lie down and he up. The advantage is that you can look into your eyes in love and have body contact from head to toe. Our tip: Put a pillow under your bottom. So you simplify the penetration and by the changed angle this sex position will prepare you for beginners still more desire.

2. Sex position teens love: riding position

Also this sex position is suitable in the best way for beginners. You sit on your beloved and can thus determine the beat. In addition, this position is ideal to come to orgasm. In addition, your partner can stimulate your clitoris to make it easier for you to reach your climax. It is also the most popular position in Porn VR Movies.

3. Sex position teens love: spoon

The spoon position is also very suitable as a sex position for beginners. Your partner lies in this position laterally behind you. The advantage here is that the man can delay the orgasm and your G-spot is stimulated.

If you still want to spice things up, you can try putting your leg on his hip. The need a little skill, but so your partner can penetrate even deeper into you.

4. Sex position teens love: doggy style

In this sex position for beginners you kneel in front of your partner and he penetrates you from behind. Many couples change to this position shortly before the climax, as it allows a very deep penetration and additionally stimulates the G-spot. Our tip for the beginning: It is easier if you do not kneel upright in front of him, but fold your upper body over your thighs.

5. Sex position teens love: viennese oyster

  • The Viennese oyster is a variation of the missionary position.
  • If you feel familiar with the missionary position, the Viennese oyster is also very suitable as a sex position for beginners.
  • In this position you lie down and cross your legs over the shoulders of your partner.
  • This enables him to penetrate deeply.
  • Especially tempting for him is that he can shift all his weight to your legs.